Friday, August 05, 2005

Creation Myths v2.0

My cheap tricks to dress up old lies
To add some kudos to them
Only fool myself
And knowing how easily fooled I am
Since the humour left me
I cling to creation myths
Like a limpet with a rock fetish

I always was a bad dancer

What I lacked in style
I made up in enthusiasm
Since the chasm between the two
Could be pogoed across

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Introspective Detective

I’ve spent too much time
Following clues in the dark,
Hanging out in the park,
Smoking cigarettes,
Looking inconspicuous,
Writing things in notebooks
Only to be stored beneath the bed,
Following leads to my door,
Forgotten who I’m working for.
Who put me on this case
In the first flipping place?
And why does it always end in questions?


I’ve heard criticisms before
Of people’s general attire
That make me suspicious
Black Prince
Hidden hints
And although you may be right
You can hide a shining light
If you have to

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The plug swung in his hand
Measuring time
As water ran down the plug hole.
That couldn’t be denied.
There was stillness among this,
Long awaited.
It was quarter past eleven at night.

One in a hundred

Sometimes writing them down
So that one in a hundred meets the mark
Sometimes holding back
So that the ones that you write are exact

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

DJ Shadow

With a backdrop
Of a drum kit rhythm
The drive the drive the drive
To work
From the seashore
With a glare on the water
Into the town with an airbrushed skyline

There on a hill were the forest stood
Tower blocks
In the morning mist
Like ghosts from a future we are living in.

Preservation Society

It was a life dedicated to pickling poems
In jars that lined his study
These strange relics trapped in glass and formaldehyde
Left over from ancient history

He and his fellow picklers
Would meet and say at length
That the old ways are all but gone
And Men now lack the strength

Monday, July 25, 2005

What shocked me more

The radio said the room walls
Were covered with blood
A foot and other unidentifiable pieces of human
Lay among the wrecked glass and chairs

In remembrance they built a concrete wall
And sent out the tanks to patrol the townships
To the backdrop of foreign leaders
Spouting foreign words on TV screens

We huddle to work on the train and the bus
While others make money from arms without any fuss
But what shocked me more
Was this had happened before

The Wars I Never Knew

In some far off land
Bones lie beneath a field.
Thousands of lines cut short.

This hand that never held a gun
In wars I never knew.
And the talk and talk and talk
Of war.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Law is like your Dad

In my case
Something to be feared
Ever watchful for me to slip up
And when I did
The vigilance would step up.
I'm told the Law treated me fairly.
The unending disapproval is turning me squarely.

Pedantic Cow

If I tried to disguise the fact
By writing a poem about a cow
And how we tried to move it
Cajole it with handfuls of grass
Push it and smack it on the ass
I’d be wasting my words
Like I’m wasting my breath
Your outspoken manner
Just bores me to death.

Not Busy Tone

The secretary sits
And polishes her paper tray
A fly buzzes lazily
Across the open plan

Somewhere in the distance
A single phone is ringing
The answer phone
Is working for the man

Lulled by the gentle hum
Of twenty idle PCs
The team taps their feet
To the radio

And the radio is playing
The same hits all day long
As the secretary
Polishes her paper tray

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Do you believe in magic?

Do not doubt
That in some far away place
Great magic is being performed on your behalf,

That the dark times that you have lived through
Are behind you,
Now the sunshine is back in your life.

Look to the window
Beneath which prayers were said
To bring luck and blessings into your house

And if you believe in magic
Like a ring bathed in moonlight
Fill each room with it

And with strange and simple words
Fill each breath with it

Computer Programmer

Mummy, when I grow up
I want to be a computer programmer

What about a carpenter?
With chisel, saw and hammer?

What about a fireman?
Rescuing all those people?

What about a steeplejack?
Climbing up a steeple?

Even becoming a DJ
Laying down the grooves

You could be a computer programmer,
But your father disapproves